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Job Development Partner Programme

Jobs Development Partner Programme (JDPP)

An initiative launched by the government in April 2022, the Jobs Development Partner Programme (JDPP) assists SMEs in transforming their industries and enhancing job creation and redesign.


Singapore Productivity Association partners with Singapore Business Federation (SBF) in supporting our local SMEs in their transformation journey. SMEs can tap on the complimentary holistic advisory services provided by the Industry Transformation Advisor (ITA).



About JDPP & How it Works

  • An Industry Transformation Advisor (ITA) is assigned to SMEs to understand your priority business needs and guide you in transforming your business and implementing projects
  • It provides a holistic view of the needs of the business
  • Access to experienced business advisors
  • Connection to solution providers and government grants

The Process

JDPP includes the following:

  • Review your existing landscape
  • Identify opportunities and challenges
  • Recommend and connect you to other partners in the eco-system

Profile of Senior Industry Transformation Advisor

Amelia is currently the Senior Industry Transformation Advisor under the Singapore Business Federation. She helps companies take advantage of the unpredictable environment to strategize for sustainable growth. Her area of focus is on scaling up growth methodology to develop a strategic, sustainable, and synergistic team and management culture to focus on efforts and resources to increase profitability, reduce duplication of efforts, position the Company for growth and advance the Company’s brand and reputation.


Before this appointment, Amelia is providing project management consultancy services to companies in configuring their business solutions in core capabilities – business strategy development, financial management, human capital development, services excellence, strategic branding and marketing development to help companies in their growth and transformation business. In the innovation and productivity area, she works closely with business solutions developer to develop new ways to enhance their efficiency by reviewing and redesigning workflow and processes by tapping into automation and technologies to make their routine tasks more efficient.


Areas of Expertise
1. Growth Strategy
2. Job Redesigns
3. Leadership Development
4. Human Capital Technology Solutions/Transformation


To get started:

Please fill up the form for us to better understand your needs and to arrange for a limited slot with the ITA to kick start your transformation journey!

For further information, please contact:

Ms Amelia Ho

Senior Industry Transformation Advisor, SGPA

Email account:

DDI No: 6906 8270