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Singapore Productivity Association (SGPA) has a wide range of programmes that are open to our members as well as the public. Whether you are an individual who wants to know more about innovation or an organisation keen to upgrade your staff productivity, SGPA supports your learning journey through:

Community Engagement

We provide a platform for SGPA members and productivity advocates and supporters to stay up-to-date on the latest productivity tools and techniques, exchange ideas, and share collaboration opportunities. Click here to see how you can be part of our community.


We partner like-minded local and overseas institutions and organisations to jointly develop and promote productivity initiatives. We also leverage our overseas network to provide members access to global resources and opportunities. Check out some of the partners we work with here.


Together with our competency arm, Singapore Productivity Centre (SGPC), we conduct research on productivity, technology, digitalisation, and innovation, with a focus on the lifestyle services sectors like the food, retail and hotel industries. For more information on our research and publications, please click here.

Team Excellence

Formerly known as Innovation and Quality Circles (IQCs), Team Excellence (TE) comprises individuals working together in teams to enhance innovation and quality within their organisations. SGPA is the leading organisation in Singapore for Team Excellence initiatives. Please click here to find out more about our TE activities.

Training & Consultancy (via SGPC)

We provide training and consultancy for organisations and individuals via the Singapore Productivity Centre (SGPC). The SGPC offers study missions, workshops, seminars, and business advisory services to help enterprises and professionals improve their productivity and innovate. To learn more about SGPC’s services, please visit