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Milestones & Achievements

Singapore Productivity Association (SGPA) has come a long way since our formation in 1973:

National Productivity Association (NPA) formed
On 19 Feb 1973, National Productivity Association (NPA) was formed as an affiliated body of government statutory board, National Productivity Board (NPB).
NPA Constitution amended
On 17 Oct 1977, NPA’s Constitution was amended to replace the Management Committee with a Governing Council. Subsequently, the Association’s Executive Committee was renamed Management Committee.
NPA supports the Productivity Movement
Launch of Productivity Movement in Singapore and NPA started expanding its activities to include publications, training programmes and study missions, to support NPB’s efforts in driving national productivity.
NPA full-time secretariat appointed
In Oct 1982, a full-time Secretariat for NPA was appointed, and the Association expanded its services to include formal training programmes on a wide range of topics, such as office management, project management, finance, marketing and communication.
Overseas study missions launched
In the mid-1990s, NPA began to introduce degree and post-graduate programmes to help members advance their careers. International experts were also brought in by the Association to assist members, and overseas study missions were organised for members to learn best practices.
Renamed Singapore Productivity Association (SPA)
Following the establishment of Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB) in 1996 to succeed NPB, the Association’s name was changed to Singapore Productivity Association (SPA) on 6 Feb 1997.
SPA takes over productivity programmes from SPRING
When SPRING Singapore changed its role from national productivity champion to enterprise development agency, SPA took over the productivity promotion programmes from SPRING. For example, the Innovation and Quality Circle (IQC) programme was transferred from SPRING to SPA in 2008.
Singapore Productivity Centre (SGPC) launched
SPA set up its competency arm, the Singapore Productivity Centre (SGPC) in October 2013. The SGPC is the productivity competency centre for the service sectors, with a focus on retail, food services and hotel sectors
SPA becomes independent association
After SPRING Singapore and IE Singapore merged to form enterprise development agency, Enterprise Singapore (ESG) in April 2018, SPA’s Governing Council deliberated and came to an agreement to discharge the Association’s affiliation with ESG. The move would allow SPA greater autonomy in transforming itself and navigating its role through the evolving business landscape.
Association acronym changed to SGPA
Further changes to the SPA Constitution were approved on 28 Aug 2019 following the discharge of the Association’s affiliation with ESG. These included the transfer of duties and powers from the Governing Council (originally led by ESG key executives) to the Association’s Management Committee. The Association also changed its acronym from SPA to SGPA to maintain consistency with its competency arm, SGPC.

Our Patrons

Many of the Association’s milestones and achievements would not have been possible without the strong support of our patrons.

Olivia Lum

Executive Chairman & Group Chief Executive Officer


Mary Yeo

Vice President, Supply Chain Operations, South Asia Pacific

UPS Asia Group Pte Ltd

David Wong

Executive Chairman & CEO

Juken Technology Limited

Terence Tea Yeok Kian

Executive Chairman & Managing Director

Accrelist Ltd

Tan Pheng Hock

Former President & CEO

ST Engineering

Low Beng Tin

Independent Director

Lian Beng Group Ltd

Joseph Foo

Founder and Executive Chairman

Jason Marine Group

Andrew Butcher

Managing Director, Global Technology and Operation Division


Renny Yeo Ah Kiang

Chairman & Managing Director

Draka Cableteq Asia Pacific Holding Pte Ltd